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Terms and Conditions

CONDITIONS OF SALE – Revised February 2009

  1. Prices of labour and materials are those ruling at the time of today’s date. Any substantial increase will have to be passed on at cost plus 10%.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, all work is expected to be carried out in one site visit, during normal working hours, i.e. Monday to Friday between 07:30 and 17:00 hours.
  3. Our day-work rate is £37.50 per man per hour for normal working hours.
  4. Materials subject to day-work will be at cost plus 35%.
  5. We have allowed for offloading and distribution of materials required to execute our works, unless otherwise stated.
  6. We have allowed for providing our own scaffold towers, plant etc. unless otherwise stated. Free use of electricity and water is to be provided.
  7. Our quotation is subject to Fire Officers and / or Local Authority approvals. Should we be required to apply for these on your behalf, we make a charge of £200 in addition to the Local Authorities charges. As a guide, for a project in the order of £50,000 the Local Authority charge is in the order of £1200.
  8. Prices quoted are net of VAT and will be invoiced gross at the applicable rate. Deposit and interim payments are to include VAT if applicable.
  9. Unless otherwise stated, prices are net and do not allow for any discount.
  10. Delivered and installed goods remain the property of Cannon Davis Commercial Interiors Limited until paid in full. Any surplus materials after project completion will remain the property of Cannon Davis Commercial Interiors Ltd unless purchased separately.
  11. During demolition works, should asbestos (being a hazardous substance) be found, we have not allowed for the removal of the same. Often this will not become obvious until surface decoration has been disturbed and we reserve the right to amend our quotation and submit additional costs against this.
  12. Whilst every effort will be made to meet quoted delivery and completion dates, we will not be liable for delays caused by late deliveries to us by our suppliers. Commencement or completion dates quoted will be ruling from receipt date of written order only.
  13. Any variation from the goods or services originally ordered by you (the client) must be made in writing.
  14. ‘Design rejection fees’, if applicable, become payable on presentation of proposal and, if applicable, are only refundable on the final payment of any subsequent project.
  15. Design fees or project quoted prices allow for producing two copies of all relevant drawings. Any additional copies will be charged as extra.
  16. If our quotation is acceptable, you will be asked to sign a satisfaction note, which will be issued for signature by our operatives upon completion of the works. Should a satisfaction note not be presented to you to sign, you are requested to check that the workmanship provided by us meets with your approval. If there are points that do require rectification, you are to write to us within seven days of our leaving site, listing the specific items in question for our immediate attention.
  17. Items such as door stops, door closers, finger plates and kick plates etc. that are not specifically mentioned within our quotation must be deemed not to have been included for.
  18. The quotation provided by us allows for a clear working area and storage of our materials adjacent to the work area. Should this not be the case, we reserve the right to charge extra over for the inconvenience as necessary.
  19. Although every care is taken during the installation of our works, we cannot be held responsible should any drilling or fixing to existing floor, wall or ceiling services unintentionally penetrate concealed electrical wiring, gas, water or heating pipes. We shall not be held liable for any costs associated with the rectification of any damage caused.
  20. The proposed layout of the works may require alterations to existing fire alarm bells, smoke detectors, heating temperature controls, radiators etc. Particularly in new buildings, these systems may require re-commissioning by the original contractors so as not to invalidate any warranties in force at the present time. Any possible costs involved have not been allowed for.
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Based at The Old Forge between Farnham & Godalming, we are ideally situated for rapid access to London, major airports and the motorway network.

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