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“I purchase appreciating assets and rent depreciating assets” – John Paul Getty.

Did you know it is possible to use Leasing to finance some or all aspects of your fit out as well as your furniture? Not a lot of people know that. Leasing provides an attractive alternative to other methods of finance such as cash or bank loans, allowing you to spread the cost of your investment more fully over its useful life. So why pay cash up front?

Unlike cash and bank loans, leasing is fully flexible, both during and at the end of the agreement, permitting you to adapt more readily to the changing needs of your business.

Through our leasing partner Bluestone Leasing Ltd, we are able to provide a finance option for your project which means you may be able to afford more than you thought. Here are just a
few reasons to consider Leasing:

  • Make your capital work for you – Rather than sink precious cash into depreciating assets, why not deploy it elsewhere for higher returns?
  • Tax Benefits – Leasing attracts full tax relief unlike using cash or a bank loan
  • Fixed payments allow for easy budgeting throughout the term
  • Spreading the VAT – you pay VAT on individual payments rather than a lump sum up front
  • Make investment decisions based upon your needs and not be limited by constrained budgets
  • Upgrade options – You can upgrade your assets or add new assets at any time during your contract
  • Turnkey Finance – Fund the whole project cost, not just the assets

You can find further information about Leasing by visiting Bluestone Leasing Ltd’s website

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The first stage of any office change should start with a workspace appraisal – we are offering this FREE, with no obligation – ensuring you maximise both your space and your budgets.

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Based at The Old Forge between Farnham & Godalming, we are ideally situated for rapid access to London, major airports and the motorway network.

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