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Going green doesn't have to be difficult!

It's traditionally assumed that going green is daunting, expensive and a bit too new age for some. But businesses that fail to implement green strategies will actually pay in the future, for example:

  • In the UK, over 50% of our carbon emissions come from industry, creating more pollution than cars and planes combined! In the last three years energy supplier’s charges have gone up by 20% on average
  • According to the Carbon Trust, a typical 10,000 square meters of office space, accommodating 1000 people will consume more than £160,000 of energy a year, just a 30% reduction in energy usage will save you £48,000 p/a.  In this case the 30% was attributed to high over night energy consumption, and previously undetected faults with heating and cooling systems
  • In 2010 government legislation will change with initiatives such as the BREEAM standard (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method – the de facto measure of a buildings environmental performance) and organizations will be required to make efforts to meet these standards

For more information about new government regulations and BREEAM standards click here>>

So making a commitment to even a few small changes can save you lots of money quickly, and set you on the road to meet your obligations.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Take a meter reading at the end of the day and again the following morning before work begins – the difference is energy wasted while you sleep
  • Use motivational methods, such as incentives and competitions to make saving energy fun – this can be good for staff morale and will help you achieve energy savings faster
  • Use car sharing to reduce carbon emissions, or incentivise staff to use public transport, walk or cycle
  • Ask one of your onsite staff to be responsible for implementing energy reducing schemes – savings are quicker and easier to achieve if managed on site and not through head office / a contractor

And what are we doing?  We implemented our own ‘Green Check List’ and installed energy saving lighting, immediately saving 75% on traditional fittings.  We recycle all paper and card, and utilize the latest water saving systems in our new washrooms.  It took a moment to make the decision, but we will reap the benefits for years to come!

Have a look at our Go Green checklist – it's FREE!  Why not download it now and see the changes you could make, today – download it here >>>

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The first stage of any office change should start with a workspace appraisal – we are offering this FREE, with no obligation – ensuring you maximise both your space and your budgets.

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Based at The Old Forge between Farnham & Godalming, we are ideally situated for rapid access to London, major airports and the motorway network.

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